Saturday, July 2, 2011


My doctor but me on a new medication and I've got idiot, like Scarlett's father in "Gone with the Wind". It doesn't happen when I'm speaking ' only when I'm writin, so I'm writing, so I'm writing this entire post without changing anything.  I want you to see what this drug has done to me.

I soooo wiosh I could tell you everything that's been going on, but too many of the people involved read my blog and I don't have the balls to read handle the after math.  Of course, they're all paranoid, so they will correctly thing it's about them anyway.  Still, no balls.

My older baby graduated and my sister took her Europe.  They went to Denmark, London, Paris, Gaermany, Switzerland and Italy.  ( I wrote some cities and some states because I'm not smart enough to know which cities she talks about go with which countries.  I shoul've paid attention more in high school.  Turns out you really do need it.  Only for a stupid blog, but nonetheless, you really do need it.)

Just to horrify me, I'm sure, they put a video of my sister 9 (really daughter(but I'm not changing anything, remember?) blowing a horn at the Moulin Rouge (soooo coool) on Facebook and titled it "Delaney Blows Swiss Wood".  Yeah, I pretty much wanted to die.

I just found out I'm late for an appoint ment, so I fave to go.
Love you guys so much!!!!


  1. Wow! Mel, that looks like iPad spellcheck, what a big pain in the ass! Sorry sweetie.

  2. It's way early for me but I got what you're saying. Hmm, maybe the prescription says "don't operate machinery" while you're on it... do laptops count? :)

    Nice of your sis to take your daughter to Europe... That facebook pic title is hilarious but only to ppl with a good sense of humor! Hopefully, everyone she knows has it!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Cuz... better have a talk with the Dr...Scattered too much for the Missy I know..Spelling is like mine not careful with this new medication!
    We want our old Missy back DOC.... Love you just becuz...

  4. I have a low tolerance for meds. Benadryl makes me loopy like this. haha

    "Delaney blows Swiss wood" cracked me up!

  5. Oh heck girl, I don't care if you spell well. You're lovely and talented even when drugged. Blowing Swiss Wood is the funniest thing I've heard in ages!

  6. My posts would look like this if I didn't edit. My mind moves much faster than my fingers can.