Saturday, May 21, 2011

The One, The Only...

This is my cousin, the REAL Glass-Eyed Grady.

Grady was from northeastern Alabama, but he "has long since gone on home."  Even though he has been gone almost six years,  I sure do miss him. 

Grady was such an important part of our childhood.  He lived at a fishing camp when we were little, and we loved it there.  We went there several summers during the eight years when my father was gone, and despite the fact that we have traveled all over the world, that fishing camp still tops our list of favorite places on earth.

If you look closely at the picture (that is Grady's home after the trailer at the fishing camp), you can see all the junk behind us.  (Did you hear that rumble?  Grady just rolled over!)  He loved his "merchandise", a la Sanford and Son, that he bought at his flea markets.  And he didn't just confine his "merchandise"to the privacy of the inside of the house.  Lordy mercy, no, he couldn't do that! The outside of his home looked very much like the inside because his "merchandise" filled the yard as well!

Yep, Grady was the quintessential hillbilly, and I couldn't be prouder to have his hillbilly blood coursing through my veins.

Now, do you know what the inside of an eye socket looks like?  It's thanks to Grady that I do know.  He would pop out that glass eye any time he wanted a good laugh from the screaming kids.  Halloween with him was an absolute riot!

Seriously, I do miss Grady and all the love and compassion he showed everyone who knew him.  It was no surprise to anyone when Grady lost his eye because he was protecting a child.  The boy's drunken mother pulled a gun on the boy, and Grady ran and grabbed the child and caught the bullet in his own eye.  Grady never even learned the name of the child, and he never regretted his decision to save the boy's life.

That's just the kind of man Grady was.

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  1. If you have to lose an eye, that's just the way to do it.