Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not So Boring After All

Well, we've already established that there's nothing for me to do in Las Vegas.  I don't gamble or drink and prostitutes aren't my thing, so the only other thing to do here is get married.

So I did.

Yep, Danny and I got married Thursday night at the Excalibur.  And it was the most beautiful wedding $249 (tax and tip included) could buy. 

I wore a $20 dress that I got at Target a year ago (if my mother didn't have Alzheimer's, she would beat me for revealing that), and my wedding ring hadn't arrived at the jeweler yet, so we used my mother's that I always wear on my right hand.  Now, the ring my father gave my mother has extra-special significance.

Rather than walking down the aisle to Danny, we walked down the aisle together, symbolizing the partnership we've already created.

But the best part is that my girls, my sister and her fiance, and two of my cousins were already in Las Vegas for my sister's wedding, so I got to have them as guests at mine.

It truly was beautiful.

My sister is going to be so mad tomorrow after her $15,000 wedding when she realizes she could've had one just as gorgeous for less than two Franklins and a Grant (tax and tip included).


  1. Congratulations! I wish your family all the best in life and admire you for working through everything to get to this beautiful place in your lives.

  2. Sounds like a real winner to me! So very happy for you Dan and your family... Perhaps I need to go to Vegas!! Might just get lucky...Be blessed ..Love you Just Becuc!

  3. Good morning! This is really good news!

    Congratulations to you and Dan! I wish you both a lifetime full of love and joy.. and breakfasts in bed.. and random trips.. and pure laughter.

  4. Congratulations! This is marvelous news! You just made my morning! Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! I'm so happy for you!

  5. Congrats! Totally my kind of wedding!

  6. Congratulations!!!

  7. Look at you all married and stuff.

  8. YEA!!!! Congratulations to you both!!

  9. Congratulations. You look beautiful!