Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love My Life Day

I am officially declaring today "Love My Life Day".  (And I am quite official, so this is binding in the most serious way!)

How many times do you see "fml" on something?  I'm not criticizing at all here; believe me, I know the feeling.  (Oh, I SOOOO know the feeling!)  I'm just one of those people that believes negative energy brings on negative things (but I don't always practice what I preach), so:

Let's all think and write "lml" today and see what happens.  "Love My Life Day" might be a huge flop, but, really, can it be worse than thinking "fml"?  What do we have to lose, except a negative attitude?

(Confession:  I love Amy's take on fml.  Please go read it here.  And if you don't already read Amy, add her to your list.  She is hilarious--and an outstanding human being!!)

Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

(As you can tell, my anti-depressants are kicking in full-force today!)


  1. Well you just made my day! Thanks for the link! LML!

  2. I definitely LML and consciously realize that several times a day. That consciousness is something I've had to cultivate though or the negatives would rule.

  3. Well aren't we just farting rainbows today? LOL


  4. She is funny! And I do try to remind myself that I freakin love my life... oops, I mean LML.. seriously, I'm reminding myself now.

  5. Eh! I can go either way. Pass the Zoloft!

  6. I love my life everyday! God restored life to my dead body this passed year...A real eye opening experience once you have gone to the other side..
    Sometimes it is a struggle, but knowing God is good makes everyday beautiful in a special way...and different beauty in every new day..

  7. Sounds like a great idea. My daughters spend a great deal of time on a site called fml but I'm not sure whether it's to make themselves feel at home or better!

  8. I never use FML, but I am have to be really loving my life to want to give it that kind of blanket endorsement. Maybe those days have to happen on an individualized basis?