Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things I Can't Live Without

Love. Peace. Oxygen.

No. No. No.

These are products I can't live without.  You need to get in your car right now (well, after you read the post and leave a comment and click on the "Follow" button).

Seriously.  This shiznit is fantastic!

I thank the heavens for the day that I was standing in the local Waltrash and decided to try the Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion.  OMGosh!  Forget all that stuff from the fancy stores in the mall, because this lotion runs rings around all of it.

It's great to put on after your shower and all that, but here is why I love it:  I have the ugliest hands in the world.  Really, I do.  (Just ask my sister, Amie; she'll tell you.)  I'm actually ashamed of my hands because they make me look 10-15 years older than I am.  But when I use the Aveeno, my hands look (dare I say it?)

I have to thank my friend, Margo, for the next one.  If any of you are not wearing Revlon Colorstay Overtime, I have no idea why.  Maybe you are just ignorant of its magnificence like I was before Margo enlightened me.  It's 7:41 a.m. right now, I put the lipstick on at about the same time yesterday morning, AND IT'S STILL ON and looks fresh!!!  There are a boatload of colors available, but my favorites are Stay Currant and Relentless Raisin.  I get more compliments on the Stay Currant than I can stand (not true--I love compliments)!

I really want to bow down and worship the person who invented the Magic Eraser!!!  I love it!  This thing removes absolutely everything!  Honestly, I have never found anything it doesn't work on.  My little one colors on the walls AND I DON'T EVEN CARE because I know I have my friend, the Magic Eraser.

The next one is like crack or crystal meth or something else addictive.  Yesterday, My friend, Traci, introduced me to the Eighth Wonder of the World:  Puffs tissues with the scent of Vicks.  Okay, I know it sounds really lame that I'm excited about a tissue, especially in light of everything else in my life, but these tissues are...some word meaning great that I'm not smart enough to know.  Trust me, you will love these so much you better sit down before the first time you blow your nose in one.  In fact, that should be a warning label on the box.  Oh, you'll thank me for this one!

Now, click the "Follow" button, comment, and go, go, go get this stuff and make your life so much better!


  1. O.K., I will go and get two out of four products you have endorced.. Thanks for the great tips...They should hire you in theie promation dept!! good Job. Love Ya Cuz.

  2. You might have convinced me to try the lotion. I already use Aveeno shampoo and like it.

  3. Does that lipstick get dry and tacky after about eight hours to twelve hours? Because the other lip stains I've used do and even though I like the idea of something staying so long it hasn't worked out for me...

  4. Lisa,

    Someone just asked me the same question in an email! 28 hours after I put it on, it's still not dry. However, it goes on wet, then dries, and you put a gloss on it. The gloss wears off, but the color doesn't. The only time it gets a little funky is when I try to take it off. I just use a regular make-up remover, but it kind of flakes off.

    Love you!

  5. Boobie,

    Am I correct in my guess that you're not getting the lipstick?

  6. try peter pan creamy honey roasted peanut butter. put it on a shoe, and it wlll taste good. im going to try the eye liner though

  7. I grew up with Vicks as the all around cure for everything.. that Puffs box does look extremely addictive!

    Hope you're having a great weekend so far :)

  8. The lotion I am definitely going to try. My hands are horribly wrinkled for a 47 year old woman. Thanks

  9. OMG! I have worn Relentless Raisin and Perennial Plum for at least 7 years now. I think you got that favorite from me and not Margo. Love you, sister friend. Another great blog post!

  10. We were just talking about Magic Eraser this weekend... what exactly puts the magic in the Magic Eraser? Hmmmmm? I use 'em, but I sorta feel like it might be a deal with the devil. They're that good. ha.

  11. you know... i shouldn't admit this. but magic eraser will fix any self-tanner mistakes. really. you just have to be gentle, since it's obviously not intended for skin. but hey! nothing else works!

  12. Amen to long-wearing lipcolor (I like Maybelline's superstay) & Magic Eraser. How did we ever live without these things? And sticky notes? And computers?

    Sorry, I'm going on a little tangent, but I'm constantly asking myself how people (really) ever lived without these things.