Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poor Danny

Isn't she just gorgeous?!!

No, she's not a supermodel, although she should be (clearly).

This is actually my friend.  (No, she's not an imaginary friend!)  But she's not just any friend; she's a friend that I tried to set Danny up with.

Not only is she gorgeous, but she's also intelligent, highly educated, successful, friendly, and witty.  You know, your basic nightmare--the perfect woman.

Oh, and did I mention that she works out like a fiend so she has a super-fantastic bod?

Anyway, when I tried to set Danny up with her, Danny called me and said that he was really interested in me.

And look what the idiot got stuck with:

Granted, it's a very, very bad picture of me, but it's still me, and NOT my gorgeous friend!

You really screwed up, Danny!


(But I'm totally glad that you have poor taste in women!)


  1. I am glad to see everyone now knows that there can't be a bad picture of you. You are beautiful. I can never take my eyes off of you. I have first hand knowledge that you are everyones gorgeous friend. I am so lucky to be able to look into your eyes and know that the person on the inside is just as beautiful. Which is crazy considering how great you look. You have accomplished so much in your life and continue to amaze me daily. Thank you for allowing me to take in your majestic presence everyday.

    Lucky Danny

  2. Beauth is in the eye of the beholder.
    You are beautiful both inside and out and your love for family is endless.
    You did however post a crappy picture of yourself!
    Yes ,your friend is gorgeous..but everyone has some kind of baggage that at times takes away from their beauty...You are Blessed beyond messure.....

  3. I think you are a very good looking woman. Yeah, that's not a glamor shot, but you can't hide the good looks with a funny angle. You rock, dear!

  4. I know you posted that zoomed up picture of yourself for effect.. you got the desired reaction out of me.. kudos for not smiling either :)

    P.S. You've got great skin!

  5. did she agree to go out with danny? unless she agreed then you shouldn't assume that danny is is settling for you