Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Hung Out With A Rock Star

Melissa, Floyd, Sharon, Rebecca, and the missionaries.

Danny with the president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary of his fan club.

What a New Year's Eve we had!

We started out the night by going to dinner with our SO cool friends Floyd and Sharon, their daughter, Rebecca, and the missionaries from our church. We enjoyed good food, great conversation, and about a hundred bajillion laughs. Did I mention that they are SO cool?

And that's why, when we went our separate ways in the parking lot of the Tuscany Square Ristorante, I was truly sad when I stated the obvious to my husband: We scared them and they're never hanging out with us again. I think we're just too weird.

(My husband maintains that I'm the weird one, but trust me, it's a collaborative thing.)

(Just give us one more chance! We'll be better next time, we promise!)

After that, we were off to a party hosted by our close-like-a-brother-you-like friend, T.J. If you thought we were weird, Floyd and Sharon, you should have seen the people at that party. It wasn't the people themselves, actually; it was just the way they treated my husband. They acted like they had been graced with the presence of a god! Or a folk hero, at the very least! I mean, I love the guy, but the way they fawned over him was absolutely crazy!

And I don't mean crazy in a wow-that's-a -little-odd sort of way; I mean it in a you-should-really-see-a-professional-about-that sort of way.

I am not even kidding you, when we walked in the front door, I could hear people yelling, "Danny's here! Danny's here!" I had to move out of the way so I didn't get trampled by the masses running up to greet him.

Then I was regaled with stories about how funny, witty, and clever he is. When one told of a favorite Danny incident, another spoke up and said, "But my favorite is the time Danny..."

Apparantly, it's hysterical how Danny says, "Victor niiine four. The po-lice have left the building." (Yeah, I don't get it either.)

On and on it went. For two-and-a-half hours they praised him! Someone even kissed his ring! (Okay, that didn't happen, but if he were wearing a ring, they would've lined up to kiss it.) The hero worship was ridiculous, and at exactly 12:01, I gathered our coats.



  1. Victor niiine four. The po-lice have left the building.

    O, HAR!! That's priceless! I'm slappin the HELL outta my knee here!

    Um ... I don't get it either.

    But don't tell Danny because I love that guy and I'd rather take a bullet than hurt his feelings. In fact, my favorite Danny story is that time we ... uh ...

    I got nuthin.

    Victor niiine four. The po-lice have left the building!!

    Sorry. I choked, so I just went for the cheap, certain laugh.

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog, sister! Happy new year!

    O, yeah. I like your blog, too!

  2. Sharon & Floyd :)January 2, 2009 at 11:29 AM

    Hurray!! We're cool!! We never thought we'd see the day -- of course, our kids gagged and fell down in the background while we read it but -- we certainly will have another "date night" with our friends where the gospel is almost true!!